Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to make money from recive sms?

Now you can easily Earn upto Rs.2 Lakh/- For just reading Advertsing SMS on Mobile MGinger is the first of its kind opt-in permission-based mobile marketing platform in India. mMinger is a service providing targeted advertisements on mobile phones. The advertisements are targeted on a consumer base who have opted-in to this service. The consumer base is built through a registration process in which the consumers specify their commercial interests, maximum number of ads they would like to receive in a day, convenient time-slots and their demographic information. Apart from getting information related to their particular interests, the consumers also receive monetary incentives for every ad they themselves receive and for each ad received in their network upto two levels of referrals.

Advertisers leverage the service to search for and select consumers based on their commercial interests, location, demographics and other criteria and send specific advertisements to their target audience. And all this without the fear of incurring even a single consumer's wrath. The mGinger platform solves critical problems like content composition, cost of campaign and return on investment measurability for advertisers.


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How To Apply

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day

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Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn't start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.
Moon said to me, if ur friend is not messaging u why dont you leave ur friend.I looked at moon and said does ur sky ever leave u when u dont shine.
Friendship is sweet when it’s new, Sweeter when its true, but sweetest when its u. When God gave friends he tried 2 b fair! When I got u, I got more than my share!  
As long as we have memories, yesterday remains; as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits. As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.
~ Rule in My Friendship ~

I Would Never Mind If You Don't Miss Me Or You Don't Need Me.
You Will Really Hurt Me When You Need Me & You Don't Tell Me.! =)
Just A Note 2Say That Our Friendship Has No ENding & Its Grows On & ON 


Just A Note
Friendship Help UsOpen Our Heart In Way That We Thought Were Never Possible

Just A Note

Thankyou 4 Being EveryThing 2 Me
ThankYou 4 Being My Friend


'S' upport Us
'P' ray 4 Us
'E' ncourage Us
'C' are 4 Us
'I' nspire Us
'A' dvise Us
'L' ove Us

Hope We Remain
"SPECIAL" Always (:  


Good FRIENDS CaRE for each Other..
CLoSE Friends UNDERSTaND each Other...
and TRUE Friends STaY forever
beyond words,
beyond time...**


Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a conversation, a cup of coffee or a funny story. It means sharing an honest and true part of yourself.


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